iCare Sciences is a French start-up created in February 2018 by two researchers in the field of life sciences and health, Dr. Chris Hayot and Dr. Gil Borelli.

​Owing to the profiles and experience of the company’s two founders, the iCare Sciences team has a strong scientific and technical component.

The company designs technological well-being and health solutions aimed at helping professionals and private individuals to effectively control their health and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Chris Hayot

Chris holds a PHD in biomechanics and biomedical engineering and wrote a doctoral thesis at the Pprime Institute of Poitiers (in 2010). Author of patents, scientific communications and book, he specializes in human activity engineering and has 10 years of experience of innovation in sport and health.
In 2018, together with Gil Borelli, he founded the iCare Sciences company. Within the company, in addition to his management duties, Chris is in charge of design, implementation and technical evaluation of their solutions.

Dr. Gil Borelli

Gil holds a Doctorate of Science in physiology and conducted post-doctoral work on neuromuscular fatigue. He has operational management duties and is Neural Up product manager. A scientific background allied with a professional athlete career have given him experience of a multicultural and multi-disciplinary collective environment. He has used his technological research and innovation project management skills to help ensure the success of industrial projects.

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