Stress today occupies a significant place in our society, regardless of demographic level. In France, 9 out of 10 people claim to feel stress and half feel particularly stressed. These figures also lead to a 4.4%1 increase in spending in France for time lost from work.

In order to respond to company needs, iCare Sciences developed Neural Up an innovative relaxation technology that promotes the regulation of the nervous system by quickly and easily activating the body’s natural stress defense resources. Around Neural Up technology, iCare Sciences offers a set of services for the promotion of a well-being culture at work, within companies.


Many companies are now tempted by the acquisition of new assistive technologies such as exoskeletons. With the objective of assisting employees in carrying out certain tasks, their use gives rise to a legitimate hope of improving working conditions by reducing the physical load and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

To support companies in the face of the changes brought about by these new technologies, iCare Sciences has developed an accompanying offer for the implementation and acceptance of exoskeletons.


The requirements of a modern health system require user-friendly solutions to dramatically improve the patient's journey. Together, Big Data and Cloud Analytics platforms are redefining the possibilities for using health data to improve care pathways, associated costs, and outcomes for patients.
In order to help each stakeholder in health sector to achieve its objectives of predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory medicine, iCare Sciences has developed a specific support offer through : the exploitation of Big Data, the development of advanced processes of Heath Data Analytics, and the building a Health Analytics strategy.


Athletes, coaches and professional sporting organizations are often faced with complex decisions, which can range from regular process decisions to infrequent strategic decisions. By definition, decisions arise when there are multiple realistic alternatives, with the risk of negative outcomes from taking the wrong position.

To reduce uncertainty and enable the development of the best course of action, iCare Sciences offers tailor-made solutions that will give coaches, players and sports organization a 360° analysis of their on-field and off-field performance metrics including wellness, biometrics, injuries, training load and detailed play-by-play stats.

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